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SPRING & SUMMER CAMPS available for registration now!!

NOTE: No skating on Monday, February 20th for Family Day.
Last Day of Classes March 13th.

(Winter Classes 2023/24 will open for registration in June 2023)

The 11th Annual 24-hour Game on April 8 & 9 was a huge success!!  Click HERE to see video
For information on everything we do during the game and where the money goes, visit 

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We are so proud to be a part of the 24-hr Charity Challenge: Kids vs. Coaches for the Matt Cook Foundation.  Over all the years, much fun has been enjoyed - here are the past videos:

See the 2021 video at 24-hour Game Video 2021

See the 10th Annual Special Opening Ceremony Video HERE

See the 2020 video at 24-hour Game Video 2020

See the 2019 video at 24-hour Game Video 2019

See the 2018 video at 24-hour Game Video 2018

See the 2017 video at 24-hour Game Video 2017

See the 2016 video at 24-hour Game Video 2016.

See the 2015 video at 24-hour Game Video 2015.

See the 2014 video at 24-hour Game Video 2014.

See the 2013 video at 24-hour Game Video 2013.

See the 2012 version at 24-hour Game Video.

To go the 24-hour Game Website:



Registration forms can be emailed directly to with completed credit card info or fax to (780) 454-8400.

NOTE: Edges will now be PAPERLESS - all confirmations and reminders will be emailed (with the exception of Summer Camp Packages) so check it often and add us to your "safe" list

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