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1)  EMAIL completed form and payment to  

2)  MAIL/DELIVER registration form and full payment to Edges P.S.I. 13017 - 137 A Street, Edmonton, AB, T5L 5A3




How do you know if these classes are for you? Here are some tips before registering:



If you want to give your child the skills and tools to be successful and enjoy the game of hockey or

ringette, regardless of whether they make the NHL or the National Team...


This class is for you.



If you want your child to be in the best suited class for them to learn and progress and reach their

ultimate potential regardless of what class their neighbour/friend/teammate is registered in (see note at bottom)...


This class is for you.



If you understand that improving technique will bring speed, power, balance, and agility to their game

and that doing all drills at a high tempo so that they always come off dripping in sweat may not...


This class is for you.



If you would like your child to develop a good work ethic (through some hard work, focus, and concentration)

and feel proud of themselves for their accomplishments in an environment of respect and fun...


This class is DEFINITELY for you!! And we would be honoured to have them in our classes to help improve their game!



NOTE: Please remember that technical classes are unique to every individual. They are not about how quickly a skill is completed. Often kids register in classes or want to move into classes above their technical skating ability because they can "keep up", because they know someone in that class, or because parents think they need to be “challenged”.  But overlooking basic skill development is a fundamental flaw that will haunt them in the future. If they are going to reach their potential, they need to be getting suitable instruction for their TECHNICAL skating ability as well as age-appropriate directions.



This is completely different from how good of a player they are, and for the sake of the players, we need to take all comparisons and competitiveness out of the equation. For example, a tier 3 player may qualify for a class that a tier 1 player does not. Obviously the tier 1 player may be a better overall hockey player; however, their skating technique may be weaker - often simply because they've never been exposed to this level of power skating before. The level of power skating they are at is not always a reflection of how good of a player they are - and it's important that parents understand this and pass it along constructively to their children as it takes some maturity to deal with this. Also remember that, although you may see immediate improvement, these power skating classes are not a "quick fix" but rather a long-term commitment to skill development, which takes players through all stages of their hockey as well as the physical changes they encounter as they grow.



Lastly, while skating is a HUGE part of hockey, it is one of many components that lead to a skilled player. Please consider the Skill Development Package to give your son/daughter ALL the tools necessary to be successful.




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