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1) I’ve taken other power skating classes and was disappointed.  How is yours different?


While we cannot comment on other programs, we can tell you about ours.  Our classes focus on TECHNIQUE TRAINING versus just running drills, and our commitment is to actually teach each skater.  We do this with hands-on instruction by qualified and trained coaches.  Our ratio is a minimum of 5:1 skater to instructor ratio with adult, professional coaches.  (That ratio is often even higher as we train upcoming instructors.)  Our coaching staff takes much pride in being the very best at what we do.  You will never see coaches shooting pucks around while the students do the drills uncorrected!!



2) There seems to be a range of prices for different power skating clubs.  Does more expensive mean better?


Again while we don’t know about other groups and their financial situations, we can tell you that Superskate understands how expensive it can be to play hockey.  We are committed to offering the best QUALITY for the most reasonable prices, and that’s not easy.  Maintaining a top quality coaching staff within the previous mentioned ratio is very costly; however, we offset that through a variety of fundraising and other strategies.  We also put the maximum amount of budget to on-ice programming versus administrative, office or advertising expenses.  The result is the very best program for quite reasonable prices … but not a nice office with administrative staff and perhaps not the fanciest brochures and websites.


3) What is your refund policy and how can we register before we know the next season schedule?


There are no refunds or credits available for any of our programs so you want to make sure you are serious about wanting this skill development before you sign up.  The benefit of a program the size of ours is that we have loads of options.  So if you register in June for the Wednesday winter program and then find out in September that your team has a regular practice that day, we can always switch the power skating class around.  It may mean having to compromise at your end or participating in a slightly different level of class, but we can always make something work if you’re committed to it.  Classes do fill quickly and if you wait until after teams have been set, it is likely that you won’t get in.


4) What if we have to miss classes during the season?

It is accepted that during the 20-week season, there will occasionally be hockey conflicts, sickness, vacation, etc. that make skaters miss their weekly class.  We DO NOT guarantee 20 sessions unless you make it out to every class on the day and time that you've signed up for.  How do skaters not suffer?  We manage this with a strategy of always reviewing a skill before moving on to the next one, and then in our daily "warm-up" which includes repetition of key skills that are learned.  The only concern we have is when skaters have to miss several classes in a row, in which case we may try to make up some or all of them on another day where that is possible.  We appreciate your understanding in recognizing that with a program of over 300+ skaters, we would have to employ several administrative people to manage all your schedules and the cost of our classes would have to increase significantly. 

5) What is the Skill Development Package?

The Skill Development Package is our most comprehensive program which covers ALL skills necessary for hockey including skating, puck handling, passing and shooting.  It is also the BEST VALUE and saves you $$$.  The package includes registration in a 20-week Power Skating Class, Pre-Season Camp, and Christmas Break Camp.  By the end of the season, these students are noticeably ahead of the ones just taking a portion.

6) Do you offer Goalie Training?

While we don't currently have a specific goalie class, we do have goalie instructors available who can work with your player, and this would be done during the private lessons slots on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.  Email Tammy at for more information.

7) What are the Technique Plus Classes, and how do I register my child for them?

Technique Plus Classes are for players who have taken extensive power skating and would like to be challenged with a higher level of technique and smaller class size.  Skaters may not register directly in these classes unless they participated in that exact class in the previous year.  All players register in a regular power skating class first.  After the first week or two, suitable participants will be invited to switch over to the Technique Plus class.  Moving is not mandatory, and if a skater cannot come at that time, they are welcome to stay in the regular class.  Selection is based on skating technique, not on tier played.

8) Can I register online?

While we don’t have an online registration system at this time (back to the saving $ so more can be put into on-ice coaching), you can register without leaving your computer.  You just print off the registration form, fill out all parts including the payment area with Visa or Mastercard, and then scan/email it back.  You can also fax it to (780) 454-8400.  Or if you’d rather pay by cheque, it can be mailed or dropped off at the address listed on the registration form.

9) My child is very advanced and needs a more challenging class. What do you have for her?

We have a number of different ways to challenge players including the Technique Plus Classes, but you will still register them in a regular class first.  The bottom line is that we want ALL players to be in the best class for them to learn and improve.  It’s good for our reputation and our program when they do well, so it only makes sense that we want them in the perfect place for their development.  Parents can trust that we as professionals know what we’re doing and will make the best recommendation for your child. Generally speaking about any programs you may register your child in, if you don’t trust the instructors to make the right decisions, you should not be registering in that program (including ours).  We as parents don’t always see our children in a clear view, and it’s often hard to let go of that control.  If you are hiring a professional to work with them, whether it’s a medical issue or on-ice development, you need to be able to trust their qualifications and support their decisions.

10) My son has joined a team where many have done power skating with you for years. He’d like to be in the same class.

While that MAY be possible, there is no guarantee that the other group of skaters, who have much power skating experience, will be at the same level as your son.  Being on the same team does not guarantee similar skating abilities, especially as you get older and often players are picked for size versus skill.  If he is motivated, we will certainly do our best to get him caught up to their level, but it often takes some positive communication from parents and some maturity in the player to be able to deal with a weakness in their game.  If they can make the commitment to some hard work, the outcome is often very good and a great life lesson at the same time.

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