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Michael is one of the coaches known as the "Young Guns" and you'll see him on the ice almost everyday. He started with Edges as a student in his second year of Novice and at the age of 15 he began his Edges coaching career.  He is now coaching for his third straight year.

Michael began playing hockey at the age of 4 in the Hawks Initiation program and remained with the Hawks organization through Bantam. In 2012, he entered Midget hockey with one of the Tier 4 Northwest Zone teams and the following year he made the jump to Midget Tier 1. His final year of Midget was spent playing Midget AA hockey with the Canadian Athletic Club where he was also an affiliate player for the AAA team. He attributes his rapid advancement through Midget to the Power Skating instruction he received during his many years with Edges.


With his Minor Hockey behind him, Michael will explore potential opportunities in Junior Hockey while working towards a business degree. He also hopes to be part of the Edges team for many years to come.

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