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I feel very honoured to be given the opportunity to work with these players and to assist in their skill development.





Tammy's biggest asset is her wealth of over 30 years of experience. She has instructed thousands of players of all ages and abilities and has worked with hundreds of teams and organizations. Although a good percentage of her skaters play at a high level, she is extremely proud of the versitility she has in being able to help all levels of players. Tammy says:


"It can often be much easier to work with top level players or those with natural talent. The players just starting out or those who struggle with skating are the real challenges and can often be the most rewarding"


Tammy also has a natural way of dealing with children of all ages that allows them to actually enjoy the camps and WANT to participate. She encourages them to be proud of their accomplishments. When parents thank or compliment Tammy, she quickly defers the credit to the skater's hard work and effort.


"No matter how knowledgeable an instructor may be, he/she must find a way to motivate that player to want to improve. This is often a personal issue of how one deals with children. Instructors could have NHL experience and PhD's but not be good with kids. Even though they may have valuable information to pass on, the skaters will not be open and receptive and will not reach their potential. I am proud to say that the most important criteria for our instructors is that ability with children."


Tammy is also a mother of two children: daughter Teryn and son Nicholas.


"My family is definitely my first priority and I am a better coach as a parent. I have a much clearer understanding of how children learn and what they respond to and also to the issues parents face in raising their children."

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